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At  Aoshida we stock a wide range of professional audio equipment. You can browse DACs,headphone, amplifiers, noise control units and accessories- everything you could possibly need for performance audio.
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SMSL DO100PRO Desktop HiFi Balanced DAC ES9039Q2M  XMOS XU-316 32bit/768kHz DSD512  USB5.1 HDMI(ARC) PS5 6% off Sale
$205.86 $219.00
TOPPING EHA5 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier XLR/TRS/RCA input 146dB Dynamic Range 700Vrms Output Voltage 12V Trigger Bypass 12% off Sale
$351.12 $399.00
Shanling M1s Portable Hi-Fi Player ES9038Q2M, 768khz DSD512, Supprt MQA 15% off Sale
$194.65 $229.00
SMSL DO200PRO Desktop HiFi Balanced DAC 12xCS43131  XMOS XU-316 32bit/768kHz DSD256 Bluetooth5.1 LDAC DAC 10% off Sale
$359.10 $399.00
SMSL DO400 Fully Balanced Audio Decoder Headphone Amplifier ES9039MSPRO MQA-CD DAC Bluetooth 5.1 Digital Headphone Power AMP 11% off Sale
$444.11 $499.00
SMSL DO300 Audio DAC ES9039MSPRO MQA CD XMOS XU316 DSD512 32Bit 768KHZ Bluetooth 5.1 LDAC XLR I2S decoder with remote control 25% off Sale
$411.75 $549.00
SMSL DO300EX  Audio Decoder Headphone Amplifier AK4191+AK4499EX MQA-CD DAC Bluetooth 5.1 Digital Headphone Power AMP 14% off Sale
$403.34 $469.00
AOSHIDA BLAD-S5 Bluetooth/FM Audio Receiver Converter ES9038 QCC5125 Sale
SMSL H400 Headphone Amplifier 12% off Sale
$448.80 $510.00
GUSTARD X30 Network Streaming Decoder ES9039SPROx4 PCM 768k DSD512 10% off Sale
$2700.00 $2999.99
SMSL RAW-MDA1 DAC ES9039Q2M XOMS XU-316 Bluetooth 5.1 MQA  PCM 768kHz DSD512 Sale
SMSL DP5 SE HIFI Network Music Player ES9039Q2M I2S Opticla Coaxial AES 12% off Sale
$333.52 $379.00
xDuoo MP-01 Tube Phono Preamp & Headphone Amplifier 12% off Sale
$131.12 $149.00
xDuoo TA-10R Tube Headphone Amplifier 12% off Sale
$280.72 $319.00
XDUOO MT-605 Tube& Digital Amplifier  12AU7 Output Power 30W PER 12% off Sale
$123.20 $139.99
XDUOO MT-603 Tube Preamplifier 12AU7 12% off Sale
$95.92 $109.00
Shanling CD80 CD Player ES9219MQ DAC Chip USB Bluetooth RCA 5% off Sale
$379.05 $399.00
Shanling CA80 Hi-Res CD Player ES9219MQ DAC Chip Bluetooth 11% off Sale
$533.11 $599.00
XDUOO MH-02 USB DAC & Tube Headphone Amplifier PCM 32bit/384kHz DSD256 CS43131 pre-amp Sale
SMSL A200 High Resolution Power Amplifier Blurtooth HDMI ARC RCA Optiacl LINE IN 12% off Sale
$236.72 $269.00

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