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    CDM4 CD Pure turntable


    1. Power transformer uses British TALEMA ring type 25VA*2, digital isolation transformer*4,
    2. The disc reading system uses Philips LHH800R flagship dual-core MCU, and the disc reading module uses Philips direct plug resistance.
    3. The power supply board part refers to the MBL1531 power supply circuit, and the power supply capacitor adopts Japanese chemical pond, Nikon electrolysis, American KEMET low temperature drift capacitor, and Philips old film capacitor
    4. Power supply multi-stage voltage stabilization: first level LM317, second level 10 multi-channel national semi-LM317 voltage stabilization,
    5. The output stage adopts clock synchronization trigger mode to ensure that the signal is synchronized with the clock. The clock uses VCXO or OCXO constant temperature crystal oscillator, which is much better than CRYSTEK.
    6. The clock power supply is multi-stage linear voltage stabilization, and the spindle motor part adopts chip precision resistance to make the reading of the disc more stable.

    7. The output part and the clock part use VISHAY wafer resistors to make the turntable emit a balanced and transparent sound.

    8.The coaxial signal has two levels of transformer isolation, and the clock has a level of transformer isolation.

GoldenWave GDX II Decoder Headphone Amplifier / CDM4 CD Pure turntable

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