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    Each channel uses two independent amplifying units to form a symmetrical output line, Single-ended and balanced output are at the same time ;

    The front class consists of a single 4-way amplifier circuit, using two LM49720 dual op amp;
    Have a separate pre-stage output, can be connected to active speakers or pure after the class;
    The use of matrix relay volume, effective to ensure that 4-way volume unanimous;
    Native full-balanced architecture, from input to volume control to before and after zoom, without any conversion, complete four-way architecture;

    Technical Parameters: 
    The power amplifier circuit uses separate Class A lines, each channel 2 pairs of power tube, a total of 8 pairs of power tube; 
    The main filter uses Nikon nichicon audio capacitor KG gold tune 
    Equipped with third gear gain (high,middle,low), Support amp and line (XLR) output at the same time; 
    There are three inputs: RCA * 1, XLR * 2 
    The left and right channels each adopt a custom 50W audio ring transformer, completely independent of each other without interference; 
    All aluminum chassis, silver and black colors available;

    Machine size: 330 * 260 * 65MM (without protruding parts); 
    Packaging size: 420 *360*175MM;
    Package weight: 6.0KG;

    H20 Parameters:
    Line input: 1*RCA, 2*XLR
    Line output: XLR * 1 (Preamp output)
    Amp output: 1*6.35mm single-ended high resistance,
                         1*6.35mm single-ended low resistance
                         2*Three-core balanced Output, 1*four-core balance output

    Analog input:
    RCA standard input group, input sensitivity typical value: 2Vrms; input impedance 47kΩ
    XLR balanced input two groups, input sensitivity typical: 6Vrms; input impedance 2.4kΩ
    Front analog output (XLR):
    Output impedance 200Ω
    Frequency response: 20-80kHz /-0.1dB
    Signal to noise ratio:> 122dB
    Channel crosstalk: -130dB @ 1kHz
    THD + N: <0.0004%
    IMD: <0.0004%

    amp output:
    Frequency response: 20-80kHz /-0.1dB
    Signal to noise ratio:> 120dB
    Channel crosstalk: -120dB @ 1kHz
    THD + N: <0.0005% @ 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    IMD: <0.0005% @ 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    Maximum distortion output power 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    Maximum output power 12000mW @ 32Ω (THD = 1%)
    Load power:
    64Ω 5360mW
    150Ω 2680mW
    300Ω 1340mW
    600Ω 670mW 

Gustard H20 Headphone Amplifier Pre Amplifier

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