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  • Description
    Tesla Dynamic Unit
    Uses Tesla moving coil unit,High magnetic flux can drive the diaphragm better. Tesla moving coil and the sound outlet form a coaxial structure, which improves the power of the moving coil strength, dense and thick intermediate frequency, surging and powerful low frequency.

    Six moving iron units

    On IT07, 6 moving iron units cover IF, MF and UHF, each performing his duties, the sound is clearly layered, forming a beautiful sense of hearing.

    Very high frequency unit: 30017 composite moving iron unit has extremely high resolution and extension sex, elegant sound, clear, bright, beautiful and transparent are its main characteristics.

    Mid-high frequency unit: 31785 composite moving iron unit has natural sound transition, smooth and stable.

    Intermediate frequency unit: 30989 composite moving iron unit is responsible for the intermediate frequency, the male voice is gentle and solid, The female voice is sweet and beautiful.

    Fever grade tonic components:
    IT07 uses a four-frequency design, and the frequency divider circuit carefully selects Japanese audio film capacitors. Fever components such as precision metal film resistors.Japan imported audio film capacitors can be effective. Suppress vibration and electrical interference, reduce signal loss, and achieve lower than ceramic capacitors distortion. Precision metal film resistors have the characteristics of high accuracy and stable performance.Make sure frequency division control accuracy. While accurately restoring multi-band sound, the sound transition is more delicate and silky.

    Product parameter
    Product name: ITO7
    Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz
    Impedance: 169
    Sensitivity: 108dB/1mW at 1KHz
    Distortion: THD<1%, at 1KHz
    Passive noise reduction:-30dB
    Cable length: 1.2M
    Weight: about 6.5g per side
    Plug: 2.5mm balanced interface/2.5mm-3.5mm adapter cable

iBasso IT07 6BA+1DD In-Ear Earphone

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