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    Little Dot DAC_II DAC-2 DACII  DAC+Headphone Amplifier Decoder WM8740+WM8805 Multifunction Power Amp 



    • Little Dot DAC_II combines our Little Dot DAC_I's D/A circuit with a built-in (LME49710HA pre-stage and discrete BD139/BD140 transistor output stage) headphone amplifier module
    • Little Dot DAC_II delivers a smooth and highly accurate sonic presentation with no detail left obscured

    Product Description:

    S/PDIF Digital Inputs: 
    RCA (Coaxial) 
    Toslink (Optical) 
    USB (Standard USB audio device) 
    Output Frequencies: 
    44.1 KHz - 96 KHz (Display will show 44.1 KHz, 96 KHz, or 192 KHz) 
    USB input: 16-bit / 48 KHz 
    Output Voltage: 
    RCA non-balanced output: 2V (RMS) per channel 
    Headphone output: 300 mW RMS (32 ohms) 
    Signal-To-Noise: > 110 dB 
    Dynamic Range: 117 dB 
    Total Harmonic Distortion: -104 dB 
    Power Consumption: 10 VA 
    Fuse Rating: 1A 
    Metric: 365mm (length) by 217mm (width) by 61mm (height) 
    English: 14.37 inches (length) by 8.54 inches (width) by 2.4 inches (height) 
    Gross: 2.8 KG 
    Net: 2.0 KG 





Little Dot DACII DAC+Headphone Amplifier Decoder Multifunction Power Amp

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