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    Little Dot LD X1 fully balanced transistor headphone amplifier class A amplifier flagship headphone amp


    This machine is pure Class A fully balanced transistor flagship headphone amplifier

    This machine is based on our 10 years of headphone amplifier development experience, specially designed for today's Hi-Fi-class headphones, with strong driving force and delicate music reproduction ability, suitable for pushing low-impedance dynamic headphones and flat-panel headphones , But also very suitable for driving high impedance dynamic headphones.
    The main amplifying circuit of this machine adopts the current feverish and complicated fully discrete component design, in order to achieve uncompromising performance indicators and actual sense of hearing. Compared with the headphone amplifier with ready-made integrated circuit design, it has a great improvement: integrated circuit The working status of the device cannot be changed (cannot enter the Class A working area); while the discrete components can carefully set the working point according to the sense of hearing to truly achieve "pure Class A".
    This machine also incorporates the designer's many years of experience in the selection of components: the resistors used are fully customized precision resistors with low temperature coefficient; the filter capacitors use the Italian-made gold word Kendeil enthusiast capacitors; the decoupling capacitors use Philips (VISHAY) BC capacitor and the famous ELNA advanced SILMICII silk film capacitor, the potentiometer also uses a specially customized 4-link ALPS potentiometer. The front stage uses a large number of complementary and symmetrical Toshiba field effect pairs, and the back stage uses Sanken mid-power complementary pairs to achieve sufficient power reserve and obtain sharp dynamics.
    The unit has a built-in unbalanced/balanced conversion circuit, and unbalanced audio sources can also be converted into fully balanced inputs, which greatly reduces the dependence on audio
    0-12 (5)2 (2)2 (3)2 (1)2 (4)3
    The main technical indicators of this machine:
     1. Input terminal:
      1. XLR 3p x2
      2. RCA x2 (internally converted to balanced input)
    2. Output terminal:
      1. XLR 4p x1 (headphone output)
      2. 6.35 x1
      3. XLR 3p x2 (headphone output or preamp output)
    3. Distortion:
        0.001% (output: 2V rms 1000Hz)
    4. Signal to noise ratio: 98dB
    5. Frequency response:
       1. 5Hz-100KHz (-3dB)
       2. 10Hz- 50KHz (-1dB)
    6. Output power:
        1, 6W (32 ohm)
        2. 1W (300 ohm)
    7. magnification:
        1. GAIN=HIGH: 5
        2. GAIN=LOW: 3
    8. Power consumption: 60 VA
    9. Volume: 350x290x60(h)mm
    10. Weight: 5 Kg

Little Dot LD X1 class A amplifier flagship headphone amp

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