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    American RCA antique five-stage tube 6SH7

    The 6SH7 has excellent sound balance and layering in high school, and the same five-stage tube drive as RCA's original 300B circuit makes the sound of the whole machine more vivid and delicate.

    Lundahl alloy input transformer from Sweden
    The world's leading high-performance audio transformer is used by many European and American famous devices such as JR, Linn, ASR, VTL. Lundahl represents the industry standard for input transformers!

    Denmark DACT 24-bit step potentiometer

    The use of a supplement-grade device such as DACT, despite the increase in overall machine cost, yields extraordinary data with a channel deviation of only +/--0.05 dB and a distortion of less than 0.0001%.

    Product Name: Little Dot LD-Y2 Full Balance Tube Amp / Power Amplifier
    Preamplifier: RCA 6SH7 tube
    Post-stage amplification: JJ 300B tube

    Input terminal:
    XLR balanced input x2
    RCA unbalanced input x2

    Headphone output terminal:
    XLR (4-core) x1 (balanced headphone output)
    6.35 (3-core) x1 (unbalanced headphone output)

    Speaker output terminal: 4 left and right channels
    Distortion: 0.1% (1000Hz)
    Signal to noise ratio: 98dB

    Frequency response:
    20Hz-20KHz (-0.2dB)
    10Hz-50Hz (-2dB)

    Output Power:
    10W (8 ohm)
    6W (120 ohm)
    3W (300 ohm)

    GAIN=HIGH: 7
    GAIN=LOW: 4

Little Dot LD-Y2 6SH7 JJ 300B Tube Full Balanced Tube Amplifier

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