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    Hot Little Dot LD1+ Headphone Tube Amplifier Pre- amp Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp


    The front stage adopts the vacuum tube,and the post-stage transistor is the main buffer amplifying circuit,which has both the sweetness of the biliary and the speed of the stone machine.

    In the circuit design using the so-called "Pre-Tube Back Stone" mixed structure: the former use of WE408A (EF92 / 6J1) vacuum tube, after the use of op amp + discrete components to the main component of the buffer amplifier circuit, both the machine Of the sweet, but also a sense of speed of stone machine.

    Small point I + aluminum chassis structure, fine craft: chassis with finish and feel a good secondary oxidation process, the tube is equipped with aluminum alloy decorative ring.

    The machine is characterized by four internal tube switch, used to select a different pre-tube: WE408A / WE403A, B / EF91, 92 / CV131,138 / 5654 / EF95 / 6J1 and other tubes can be switched directly through the switch , So that users get more fun from the exchange.

    Main Specifications:
    1.the input terminal:
        RCA x2
    2. the output terminal:
        6.35 headphone jack
    3. distortion:
        0.2% (output: 1V rms 1000Hz)
        0.6% (output: 3V rms 1000Hz)
        1.0% (output: 5V rms 1000Hz)
    4. signal to noise ratio: 92dB
    5. the frequency response:
        10Hz - 50KHz (-3dB)
    6.the output power:
        800mW (32 ohm)
        300mW (120 ohm)
        150mW (300 ohm)
        GAIN = HIGH: 7
        GAIN = LOW: 3.5 adapt to the headphone impedance range: 8 euro to 600 ohms
    9.power consumption: 15 VA
    10.the volume: 180x97x100 (h) mm
    11.Weight: 1.5 Kg

    12.1 Year Little Dot Warranty

Little Dot LD1+ Headphone Tube Amplifier

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