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    Little Dot Mini 4 mini-combination HiFi Headphone Amplifier Decoder AK4493 DSD256 PCM384KHz/32Bit hifi amp decoder

    In order to flexibly match the customer's existing equipment, MINI4 units (except the power supply) can be purchased separately:

    Two-piece suit:
    Power + any unit
    Three-piece suit:
    Power + any two units
    Four-piece set:
    That is, the complete set of "MINI4 combination"
    Please communicate with the customer service about the required units. In addition, the chassis of this machine has a difference between silver and black. Please tell us together or make a note in the message.
    DP_4 streaming media player
    DA_4 fully balanced decoder
    AM_4 Pure Class A Fully Discrete Fully Symmetrical Headphone Amplifier
    PO4 dual configuration power supply unit
    Forge ahead
    Coming for Mini
    Music should not be restricted by age, region, or living environment. It is only for a group of people throughout his life. He is constantly optimizing and improving for the sound friends. He only develops this mini-combination sound, which can be placed at will, no longer affected by the scene, The constraints of the living environment.2 (3)
    DP4 streaming media player
    Raspberry Pi 4B platform + AK4137 design
    Raspberry Pi 4B platform, quad-core 1.5GHz64-bit ARM Cortex-A72CPU, super processing power; SRC AK4137 design, can be arbitrarily converted between PCM-DSD; Jitter extremely small clock recovery circuit , So that the clock of streaming media playback reaches a very stable level.
    DA_4 fully balanced decoder
    Delicate notes touch every cell
    AK4493 decoding chip,
    This is a 123dB 768kHz/32-bit 2ch Premium DAC chip, and it is also a cost-effective chip in the 449X series, allowing you to sound on the scene.
    AM_4 Pure Class A
    Fully discrete fully symmetrical amp
    Pure Class A, fully discrete (all circuits constructed with transistors), fully symmetrical circuit construction of the amp; better than asymmetrical circuit transient response, lower crossover distortion, every detail is full, rich and clear.
    PO4 power supply unit
    Independent power supply, dual configuration optional
    Configuration 1: Pure DC battery configuration, using 12V 21Ah large-capacity lithium battery as power source, 8-10 hours long battery life, and the power supply environment is pure and interference-free;
    Configuration 2: AC adapter power supply, linear large-capacity loop power supply, and large dynamic voltage stabilization with PO_4, which is cleaner than switching power supply mode.
    Product parameters
    Product name: Mini_4
    Product size: 160*100*40mm (each unit)
    2 (1)
    Unstop music, unlimited sources
    DSD256 and backward compatible
    Music files can be accessed through SD card, mobile hard disk, WIFI, wired network, Bluetooth, etc., which greatly improves the convenience and compatibility of use.2 (2)2 (5)2 (6)
    2 (7)2 (8)2 (9)2 (10)2 (14)
    DA_4 decoder
    Input port
    Coaxial: COAX PCM SPDIF input
    l2S: Support PCM/DSD/DOP
    Bluetooth: Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0
    Output port
    4.4: Five-core balanced output
    RCAA: unbalanced output
    Support format
    PCM: 44.1/48/88.4/96/176.4/192/352.8/384 KHz 16/32-bit
    DSD: DSD64/DSD128/DSD256 (2.8224-22.5792MHz)
    Bluetooth port SBC/AAC/APTX/LDAC
    AM_4 fully balanced amp
    Input port:
    Same balance: 4.4 five-core socket
    Unbalanced: Dual RCA sockets
    Output port:
    Balance: 4.4 five-pin socket
    Unbalanced: 6.35mm three-pin socket
    Frequency response: 5Hz-100KHz (-1dB)
    Distortion: -100dB (output: 2V rms 1000Hz)
    Output power: 1W
    DP_4 streaming media player
    Computing platform: Raspberry Pi 4B
    Input port: WIFI/Ethernet/USB2.0/USB3.0
    Output port: 1S/coaxial/optical fiber
    Sampling Rate:
    PCM: 44.1KHz-384KHz, 16-32bit
    DSD: 2.8MHz-11.2MHz, 1bit
    PO_4 linear power supply
    AC adapter: 220V AC socket with switch
    Regulated input: 12V dual-core aviation socket *1
    Stabilized output: DC 5V (total current 6A) socket *3
    Lithium battery capacity: 12V21Ah
    AC power consumption: 35VA



Little Dot Mini 4 mini-combination HiFi Headphone Amplifier Decoder

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