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    Little Dot MK4 IV SE Desktop Preamp Headphone Amplifier Vacuum Tube Amplifier Preamplifier JAN5654X2 Soviet 6H30EHX2


    • Little Dot MK IV is our flagship headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier in the Little Dot MK-series
    • Little Dot MK IV can drive them easily with effortless dynamics (45Vp-p!) , subterranean bass, cavernous soundstage, and precise 3-D imaging
    • Little Dot MK IV also adds in user-tweaking options such as two gain switches to delivery maximum compatibility with all your headphones, regardless of impedance or sensitivity

    Technical parameters:

    SEPP (Singled-ended Push Pull) OTL in Class-A
    Frequency response: 10 hz~100 Khz (-1dB)
    THD+N: 0.1% (100 mW @ 300 ohm)
    Power Output:
    500 mW @ 300/600 ohm
    300 mW @ 120 ohm
    100 mW @ 32 ohm
    Power Consumption: 30W (228V x 0.133A)
    Variable Gain: 3,4,5, or 10x
    Recommended Load Impedance: 32 ohm~600 ohm
    Input Impedance: 50K ohms
    Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance: 600 ohms
    Pre-Amplifier Gain: 3-10x (also controlled via gain switches)
    Pre-Amplifier Voltage: 10V RMS
    Pre-Amplification circuit includes both driver and power tubes
    Driver Tubes: 2x JAN 5654
    Power Tubes: 2x Soviet 6H30EH
    High quality aluminum chassis
    Dimensions (Metric): 320mm deep by 220mm wide by 143mm high
    Dimensions (English): 12.6 inches deep by 8.66 inches wide by 5.62 inches
    Weight: 3.5 Kg or 7.7 lbs
    1 Year Little Dot Warranty


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Little Dot MK4 SE Headphone Amplifier Tube Amplifier

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