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    New Little Dot MK8 Desktop Class A Tube Amplifier Audio Professional Balanced Vacuum Tube Preamp Amp Preamplifier

    -LittleDot MKVIII SE is also dual-mono with independent amplifiers with their own isolated toroidal transformer power supplies
    -The Little Dot MK VIII SE's sound signature is designed to be provide a reference-level of transparency with a touch of tube warmth and tonal richness
    -LittleDot MKVIII SE is designed to be used with high impedance headphones like Sennheisers (HD600, HD650, HD800) and Beyerdynamics
    Fully Balanced, Dual-Mono Architecture
    OCL (Output CapacitorLess) in Class-A
    Vacuum Tubes: 2x 12AT7, 4x 6H30PI
    Balanced: 2x 3-pin XLR
    Single-ended: 2x RCA
    Balanced: 4-Pin XLR
    Balanced Pre-Amp: 2x 3-pin XLR
    Single-ended: 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS Stereo jack
    0.01% (2Vrms @ 1000Hz)
    0.03% (10Vrms @ 1000Hz)
    0.2% (20Vrms @ 1000Hz)
    User Selectable Gain Settings: Low (All Headphones) and High (suitable for AKG K1000)
    Power Output:
    2W per channel @ 600 ohms
    1W per channel @ 300 ohms




Little Dot MKVIII Desktop Class A Tube Amplifier

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