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    Little Dot MT+ hybrid headphone amplifier OP BUF original MT for headphones K501 K601


    The design before and after gallstone, taking into account the delicateness of the tube amplifier and the impulse of the stone machine

    Little MT+ is redesigned on the basis of the original MT.
    The former stage retains the original tube input buffer amplification, and the latter stage adopts the structure of OP+ separation element BUF.
    On the basis of retaining the original MT compact case, the noise is lower, and the driving force for low-impedance headphones is also significantly enhanced. It is especially suitable for low-impedance headphones such as K501, K601 and more difficult to push.
    Little MT+ still uses the MT shell, in addition, there is a power adapter that has not been photographed yet
    Volume: Host 150x108x30(H) mm Power supply: 145x105x70(H) mm
    Total: 1.6Kg (host + power adapter)
    This machine is powered by AC power and is not a portable machine.
    2Little-Dot-MT-hybrid-headphone-amplifier (3)Little-Dot-MT-hybrid-headphone-amplifierLittle-Dot-MT-hybrid-headphone-amplifier (2)Little-Dot-MT-hybrid-headphone-amplifier (1)

Little Dot MT+ hybrid headphone amplifier

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