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    Little Dot PA-V portable headphone amplifier AD8620,frequency response: 5Hz - 200KHz (-0.5dB),small headphone amp

    This machine is the fifth generation portable amp (Micro, Micro+, MK I, MK I+ and other 4 generations)

    The shell and circuit are fully redesigned to achieve better results.
    Circuit: Using ANALOG DEVICES's high-performance operational amplifier: AD8620 and JRC high output current MUSES8920 combination, the sound is significantly softer and sweeter than the previous generation portable machine MK I+; due to the +/- 5V power supply, the dynamics are also better than MK I+ ( +/-3.7V power supply) sharp.
    Shell: The overall aluminum alloy engraving process similar to DAC_M is adopted, which is strong and beautiful.
    Power supply: use the same 4000mA/h large-capacity lithium battery as DP_I, and it can work continuously for 40 hours when fully charged.
    Main Specifications:
    ◎ Distortion: 0.001% (out: 1V 1000Hz)
    ◎ Frequency response: 5Hz - 200KHz (-0.5dB)
    ◎ Output power: 100mW (32 ohm)
    ◎ Adaptation headphone impedance: 16 ohm ~ 300 ohm
    ◎ Magnification: 1-2-4 times (adjustable)
    ◎ Fully charged continuous working time: 40h
    ◎ The lithium battery of this machine has overcharge protection and will not be damaged by overcharge.
    ◎ Volume: 115 X 60 X 18(H) mm
    ◎ Weight: 175 g (including battery, excluding charger and outer packaging)

Little Dot PA-V portable headphone amplifier

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