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    Little Dot UA I Asynchronous transmission USB digital interface XMOS 192KHz/24Bit USB interface

    This machine uses the internationally prestigious XMOS solution (the famous American Ayre QB-9 USB adopts this solution). Devices such as XS1_L1 of XMOS, with its single-core hardware multi-threaded hardware advantages, rich IPprotocol combination flexibility, SoC high integration characteristics and the convenience of the C environment convenient development process, are numerous in audio digital signal processing Used by high-end users.

    XMOS's USB audio digital interface solution has excellent high-fidelity sound quality, which can meet the demanding sound quality requirements of music enthusiasts.
    This machine supports 32-192Khz 24Bit through the USB 2.0 port (need to download the driver).
    This machine has a high-precision I2S output interface, which is output through a 5-pin aviation socket, which is convenient to connect with the small DAC_III;
    This machine also has a coaxial output with a pulse isolation transformer inside, which can be connected to various decoders.
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Little Dot UA I Asynchronous transmission USB digital interface

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