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    The standard output voltage 5.00V,the user can through the fine-tuning Adj hole on the reverse of the output voltage,the adjustment range is usually 10% above or below.

    The maximum output current 3.5A.The measured power light and loaded with 3.5A,less than 5 mv output voltage fluctuations

    Use Talema 25 va high quality seal transformer

    Power MOS+high precision benchmark+op-amp servo power,high stability,low noise

    Ultistage CLC filter circuit

    Accurate to 0.01V voltage LED display,real-time observation of the output voltage,pure white leds,brightness moderate

    Equipped with fine-tuning resistance can adjust output voltage precision

    Materials are selected brands and models,such as Talema transformer,philips large current ultra-high speed rectifier diode,Vishay BC(philips) capacitance,panasonic FC,FM capacitance,the precision of 0.1% floating resistance at low temperature,IR high power low resistance MOS tube,large current winding inductance filter and so on.

    USB 5V and DC5.5/2.1 mm double output are independent of the LC filter circuit apart (internal)

    Size:60 (high)X103(model)X155(deep)mm

    Net weight:1.03 KG

    This kind of low noise linear power supply is very suitable for use in a high demand for power supply occasions, such as:

    Various need usb powered usb decoder, such as XMOS, Amanero usb interface, and so on

    The mobile hard disk, digital set-top boxes, high-definition players, etc

    Mobile phones,tablet charger


    0.5m double DC5.5/2.1 the power cord to a root

    1.5 m ordinary gb power line

L.K.S Audio LPS-25-USB Low Noise Linear Power Supply

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