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    MUZISHARE X7 upgrade-2020 version
    MUZISHARE is one of best chinese hi-fi equiment production manufacturer, 
    T heir products have past Certificate of Conformity European(CE)
    MUZISHARE _X7_1-1
    This is the new latest 2019 version X7 upgrade to use 4 x 1200v 0.22uf high-end quality coupling capacitors,  The sound improve much:


    Technical Parameters:
    •  Rated output power: 25W + 25W (RMS triode mode)
                                      45W + 45W (RMS ultra-linear mode)
    • Headphone output power: 300ohm with 900mW , use 270  like a  basic divide to calculate the output power , for example  270 / 300ohm =0.9w for 300ohm headphone  ,   270 / 32ohm = 8.5w for 32ohm headphone 
    • Input impedance: 100KΩ
    • Output Impedance: 4Ω-8Ω(6)
    • SNR: 92dB 
    • output balance of the left and right: <0.5db 
    • Input Sensitivity: 280mV; 520mV (pre input)
    • Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz) Frequency Machine: 15Hz ~ 30kHz (-1.5dB)
    • Anode voltage: about 420v
    • Net weight: 22.5k
    • Package weight: 25kg 
    • power consumption: 260W
    • Vacuum tube are Special Customized:
    •                    Preamp tube:  12AX7 × 1(Equivalant ECC83,CV4004  ECC803,5751)
                         Preamp tube: 12AU7 × 2(Equivalant ECC82,5814,6189 CV4003)      
                         Power tube: KT88 × 4 (Equivalant 6550)
                         Rectifier: 5AR4 × 1 (Equivalant GZ34)
    • Dimension:(W × D × H): 410mm x 335mm x 198mm
    • Power supply voltage: ~ 110-120v and 220-240v ± 5% (50/60Hz)
    • Working conditions: Temperature: 0 ºC ~ 40 ºCHumidity: 20% to 80%
    • Storage conditions: Temperature: -20 ºC ~ 70 ºC Humidity: 20% to 90%


    • Handmade, using scaffolding welding
    • using two high quality and wide frequency response EI output transformer
    • Using a customize Z11 core toroidal power transformer
    • Amplification and drive part use SAR4 rectifier .
    • Use 2X12AX7 and 2X12AU7 as amplifiaction,
    • Use special high selected KT88 tube as push pull power amp lamp,providing switch for the triode connnection and ultra-linear connection modes.The triode connection mode is more suitable for the voice and the sound is more soft, delicat as well as nature. The ultra-linear connection is suitable for the big scence, the sound is more open and lively. 
    • It has a pure power amplifier ans it can conncet with an independent pre-amp's signal input.
    • There is a power tube current control button and an electric meter dial.
    • Infrared remote control function
    • Power Mute delay function
    • Selection of Japanese high-grade ALPS motor potentiometer.
    • Easy installation of the plug-type vacuum tube shield


    MUZISHARE _X7_1-3MUZISHARE _X7_2-1MUZISHARE _X7_2-2MUZISHARE _X7_3-1未标题-189121314Tube Amplifier Precautions

    1. Tube amp must connected with speakers before turning ON. Strictly prohibit send signals to amp without connected loads(speakers) or load short circuit when the switch is ON.

    2. Too high or too low power supply voltage does irreversible harm to the amp,preferably less than 5% of the specified voltage. If your mains voltage exceeds this value, often best to use with the AC power supply.

    3. Temperature is higher when tube amps working, placing attention to ventilation, cooling.

    4. In the boot or just shut down for a period of time (within 30 minutes) Do not spill liquid on the tubes.

    5.  You should take about 100h time to operate the amp.RUN-IN to the amp gives it's best and stable sound.so during the first 100h use time the sound maybe is not the best,you can also use your own run-in method. 

    6. If you donot sure how to plug the tubes, please contact us before try it

    Speakers connection

    All tube amplifier used with stereo mode:  L(left) and R(right) speakers.
    Normally there are 6 speaker cable connectors: +8L, +4L, -0L, -0R, +4R, +8R 

    Example: +8L and -0L are for connecting with your Left 6-8ohms speaker 
    -0R, +4R is for 
    connecting with your Right 4ohms speaker 


    Tube amplifier guaranty :

    Tube amplifier Guarantee:  6 months for tubes sold with amplifier, 1 year for the amplifier and PSVANE tube

MUZISHARE X7 Push-Pull Tube Amplifier

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