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    NS Natural sound NSX adjustable 8-unit moving iron flagship high-quality in-ear custom public model private model hifi headset

    The current default version of Natural Sound NSX is the Living version with enhanced high-frequency and low-frequency. It has a strong ability to restore recording, balanced and transparent; however, you can also order the Studio version with no increase in high frequency, and its vocals are more Run better. If you need a more standard version of high and low frequencies, please note or ask customer service to note.

    The following are the colors available for NSX
    The optional custom panels are as follows:
    1. Standard version without switch headset is optional, you can choose custom panel. Please indicate the corresponding color and version in the remarks. If you choose a customized panel, the customer service will communicate the panel pattern with you in the later stage. Please note: The panel image will be cut during the production process, and each pattern of the real wood panel is different ;
    2. The odyssey version of this headset has two switches, which adjust the high and low frequencies respectively, which can better adapt to different tastes and front ends. Please note: The switch has a limited lifespan and cannot be operated by brute force. Please use it sparingly. The switch is not covered by the warranty;
    3. Both versions of the earphone can choose between public and private models. Users who need private models should prepare their own ear models (please go to a formal hearing aid or hospital ear department to make them, and make sure that the ear models are suitable. If there is a problem with the ear models, make them again Will charge 1,000 yuan / only production cost). Please note: Private models do not accept returns! ;
    4. The current delivery cycle of this headset is about 2 weeks for public models and 4 weeks for private models (calculated from receipt of ear models)

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NS Natural sound NSX adjustable 8-unit moving iron flagship high-quality in-ear

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