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    Full compliance with USB2.0 compliant,supports hot-plug,while supporting USB1.0 and USB1.1,Plug and play,not need drive.


    Hosts and devices are compatible with a wide range,including all operating systems,embedded systems and equipment.


    Advanced USB input port ESD protection up to 15,000 volts IEC air-gap discharge.


    USB input with USB b socket,USB input with 5V power supply.


    USB 2.0 high speed isolator, the support rate of up to 480Mbps, the isolation voltage up to 2kv RMS.


    Belonging to the real total isolation,including USB power and ground circuits,can better isolate front-end complex noise and electromagnetic interference.


    Isolating USB signal after signal reforming into the USB controller chip,remove the front a lot of jitter,using local quality clock output after the restructuring.


    USB type a female USB output after the isolation,the output power from the DC power input internal clean after ultra low noise voltage regulator output of 5V power supply;


    USB maximum output currents of up to 1A output low noise design to 20uV.


    DC interface was 5.5MM/2.1MM,is negative in support 6-9V DC input,the best voltage of 7.5V.


    (Note:when using a 5V,the internal 5V regulator no longer works,but can continue to output the 5V when power is more than 9V,the calorific value of the machine started to increase)




    Contains the complete CNC aluminum alloy shell and product packaging.


    Product Size:112mm * 72mm * 26mm


    Product Weight:0.2KG


    Package Size: 200mm * 140mm * 60mm


    Package weight: 0.45kg


    Default Accessories: AC-DC Power adapter * 1, USB Print Cables * 1

Singxer UIP-1 PRO Isolate processor USB2.0 USB interface UIP1 Pro Audio Isolator

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