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    TANCHJIM CABLE R, Composite Upgrade Cable of Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated

    Reference Cable
    The letter R in the name of CABLE-R stands for REFERENCE, that is, it is designed on the basis of the original sound, great significantly improving the acoustic performance of earphones, delivering a more condensed and transparent sound, and maintaining its own balance and transparency.

    The Power of Structure
    Each strand of CABLE-R is composed of single crystal copper and silver-plated core of single crystal copper in a specific proportion. In this structure, the single crystal copper cable is used as the inner axis of the coaxial structure, the single crystal copper silver-plated cable is used as the outer axis core, and the silver foil with shielding is woven across the main strand. The earphones' sound performance can be optimized while maintaining the original sound by adjusting the twist density and spacing and the cable capacitance ratio.

    Low Oxidation Welding
    Use Nitrogen welding equipment to weld with AUDIONOTE solder. And wrap the the solder joints with Nitrogen during operating, so as to eliminate Oxygen in the welding process, to take away the excess heat while reducing Oxidation, to ensure the solder joints between cable and connectors firmer, and avoid degradation of conductivity. 

    Stabilize Plugging and Unplugging
    CABLE-R is equipped with the new generation lengthened 0.78 pin of TANCHJIM, which is far superior to ordinary 0.78 pin in durability and contact performance, and much stable.
    * It is recommended to use with TANCHJIM earphones with 4-flap elastic cage 0.78 pin.

    Superior Plugs
    The non-magnetic connectors are adapted to CABLE-R plugs, and polytetrafluoroethylene is used as the insulation material between each pole, its relative dielectric constant is 0.25 lower compared to the traditional polyethylene insulation layer, which can lower subtle current interference and bring more pure sound.

    Brand| TANCHJIM               
    Model| CABLE-R
    Origin| Dongguan, China                
    Cable base| Composite twisted by single crystal copper silver-plated cable and single crystal copper cable
    Cable strands| 4 pcs
    Plug| 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm              
    Connector| 0.78/2pin
    Cable length| 1.25M

TANCHJIM CABLE R 3.5mm Single-Ended Upgrade Cable 2.5mm Balanced Cable 4.4mm Balanced Cable 0.78mm 2Pin Upgrade Cable

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