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    P1 MAX code name: BIG Panda

    A: Gorgeous, Touching voice, elegant design
    TINHIFI P1 MAX's shell is made of lightweight resin and the panels are hand-crafted using a 3D-printed stainless steel torch wire drawing process,with a high-gloss like jewel finish.

    Two: From the inner "core"
    Used 14.2 mm flat drive unit, the use of only 2 microns thickness of diaphragm, adopted double array type produces huge magnetic flux N52 magnets, "light aluminium diaphragm" diaphragm weight reduction, this combination in a wide frequency range to produce excellent dynamic response quickly,with precise knot as orientation, can provide excellent audiodetails and clarity, Suitable for pop vocals, chamber stringsand other music types.

    Three: unique acoustic structure, more fluent high frequency, more natural details.
    TINHIFI has designed a unique acoustic structure for P1 MAX,with a wide sound field and clear details, bringing a full-bodied and natural listening experience that makes peopleintoxicated with the music world.

    Four: ear sticking design, comfortable to wear
    Ergonomic design,comfortable to wear, sound insulation effectisgood.The headset weighs only 4.8g and feels "free" when worn.

    Five: single crystal copper wire, interchangeable wire design
    Adopt up to 108 single crystal copper wire core, the sound is warm and natural, the background is clean, three frequency is uniform. Adopt 2 pin changeable thread design, can be replaced with other headphone wire, get more sound quality experience.

TINHiFi P1 MAX Earphone 14.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver HiFi with 2 pin Cable Earphone

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