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    YAQIN MS-650B Tube Amplifier class A HiFi high-fidelity power amplifier home large audio tube AMP

    Technical indicators:
    Output power: 15W+15W(8Ω)
    Distortion: ≤2.5%
    Noise ratio: 77db (A-weighted)
    Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz(-2dB)
    Input sensitivity: ≤0.3V
    Electronic tube: 845*2, 12AT7*2, 12AU7*4
    Load impedance: 4Ω-8Ω
    Power consumption: ≤330W
    Gross weight: about 41 kg

    Three-pole spelling tube
    Local circuit characteristics
    • The front stage is "SRPP" circuit with wide frequency response and low output impedance.
    • The post-amplifier is a high-power triode (845) with low internal resistance and is a Class A single-ended amplifier with good sound quality.
    • The rear stage push circuit is "SRPP" circuit, which is a parallel connection of double pipes, with wide frequency response and strong thrust.
    •The output transformer is made of Japanese imported audio special oriented silicon steel sheet Z11 (0.35mm thick) and oxygen-free copper high-strength enamelled bag
    The line and special winding process are layered and grouped to make the frequency response of the machine wide, ensuring that the high, medium and low frequency sounds of the machine are good, transparent
    • This machine is made of foreign famous factory audio-grade fever-grade electrolysis and non-polar (MKP) capacitors and high-precision gold resistance.
    The main channel uses the sound-specific Japanese original imported (ALPS) volume motor potentiometer, with a quiet background, noise
    Low, no sound and durable.
    • High-voltage power supply is an automatic delay power-on control, which can effectively extend the life of the tube and with full-featured remote control.
    • Use a large VU meter for volume indication to accurately and accurately reflect the volume.
    • Each channel uses 20000μf, two channel machines total 40000μf "large reservoir" capacitor for DC wave circuit
    The electric wire is applied to the filament, which makes the noise of the machine extremely low and the sound quality is better.

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YAQIN MS-650B Tube Amplifier class A HiFi high-fidelity power amplifier

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