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    Yinlvmei W1 windows10 player dual AK4499 USB DAC AK4499*2 HIFI player


    W1 innovatively runs the windows10 system, the advanced instruction set of the intel processor, cooperates with professional playback software, and uses the ASIO audio channel to obtain the best sound quality. This is one of the main reasons for using win, and the 7-inch screen size In order to take into account the touch experience and the design of replaceable batteries, the dual 4499 full firepower requires a larger volume to achieve. The system part and the decoding amp part are separately powered, and each is powered by a separate battery, and the charging uses one Charging interface, W1 has 3 charging modes, direct Type-C body charging, independent charging from the battery (C port supports 3A, DC port supports 6A charging), base charging. W1 has reserved a base extension. In the future, it can be used with a base to extend a desktop amp or power amplifier. In addition, the body is equipped with 3 TF card slots, each of which supports 1TB expansion, and 2 full-size USB ports for more Multiple rich peripheral expansion.
    Standard configuration: host (installed genuine 64-bit win10 system + a battery + storage box + 6A charger + manual + tempered film
    Processor-------------------intel atom X5 Z8350 quad-core
    Hard Disk---------------------128GB
    WIFI Bluetooth-----------------2.4G/5G dual-band wifi, Bluetooth 4.2 USB interface can be extended
    Operating System-----------------64-bit windows10 Home Edition/Professional Edition
    Compatible software-----------------Consistent with standard PC
    Display touch screen ---------------7 inch 800*1280 IPS fully fit, support multi-touch
    Secondary screen---------------------0.66 inch OLED
    MCU----------------------STM8S series MCU
    USB architecture processor------SA9227 asynchronous
    Clock----------------------Ultra-low jitter Taiwan Taiyi Crystal
    DAC-----------------------2 AK4499
    IV------------------------8 OPA1612
    LPF-----------------------2 OPA1612
    AMP-----------------------2 custom dual op amps + 8 in-line high-power pairs of tubes + VISHAY 25PPM 0.1/0.25% wafer resistance
    Volume system ----- 2 programmable PGA2311 fully balanced architecture
    Power supply----------------------5 sets of TI+ADP high precision power supply combination
                              16 D-type 330UF AVX large tantalum capacitors + several Panasonic/VISHAY tantalum capacitors
    Battery----------------------replaceable battery module, built-in 2 7000mah lithium batteries, responsible for the system and
                              Analog part of the power supply, support offline charging, support 3A/6A charging, charging only needs one port.
    Battery life ---------------------- The shortest single battery module is 4 hours, the longest 8 hours (the whole process of bright screen operation 4 hours, standby 6
                              Hours, only running the system for light use up to 8 hours)
    Expansion interface -------------------2 full-size USB interfaces (both support 4TB hard drives and various USB peripherals), one Type-C
                               Interface (USB DAC, swipe MCU, charge), base interface, 3 Micro TF card slots
    Memory expansion ------------------ Each of the 3 TF card slots supports 1TB, and the USB interface expansion is unlimited.
    Output interface-------------------3.5 coaxial, 3.5 single-ended LO, 3.5 balanced LO, 3.5 single-ended PO, 4.4 balanced PO, base audio extension
    Support bit rate-------------------32bit/384KHZ DSD256
    Body size----------------------18.9CMX12.8CMX3CM (including the length of the secondary screen)
    Weight ---------------------------900g (including a battery)
    LO output level value-single-ended maximum 2.9VRMS, balanced 5.8VRMS
    Thrust ------------- Single port 32Ω, 1KHZ, effective power 750mw 300Ω, 1KHZ, effective power 80mw
                                         Balance port 32Ω, 1KHZ, effective power 1500mw, 300Ω, 1KHZ, effective power 160mw
    Output impedance--------------------single-ended 0.8Ω, balanced 0.4Ω
    Distortion THD+N----------------single-ended 0.0006DB, balanced 0.0005DB, 1KHZ
    S/N Ratio----------------------Single-ended 116DB, balanced 125DB, 1KHZ
    **The above data are from the Music Lab.**

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Yinlvmei W1 windows10 HIFI player

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