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Aoshida curates headphone amps & preamps that deliver performance and exceed what is expected for the price.
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Hilidac Audirect Atom2 MQA HiFi Portable USB DAC/AMP ES9281AC DSD512 32Bit/ 768KHZ Type C/ Lightning Atom 2 Decoder Amplifier Sale
SMSL HO200 Headphone Amplifier Sale
Soncoz SGA1 Headphone Amplifier Sale
Shanling UP5 Dual ES9212C Balanced Bluetooth Decoding Headphone Amplifier Sale
KBEAR Neon HIFI In Ear Earphones Sale
DAART Yulong DA1 AK4499EQ DAC Headphone Amplifier Pre-Amp Sale
Little Dot MKIII+ MK3+ Tube Headphone Amplifier Sale
Little Dot LD X1  class A amplifier flagship headphone amp Sale
Little Dot Mini 4 mini-combination HiFi Headphone Amplifier Decoder Sale
Little Dot PA-V portable headphone amplifier Sale
Little Dot MT+ hybrid headphone amplifier Sale
Little Dot LD-Z1 50W+50W pure Class A power amplifier Sale
Little Dot LD-Z2 fully balanced headphone amplifier Sale
YinLvMei S3lite portable decoding amp  headphone amplifier Sale
SMSL VMV A1 Audiophile Class A Amplifier Sale
TOPPING A30Pro Headphone Amplifier Sale
MUSICIAN Andromeda Class A Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier Sale
Quloos QA390 Headphone Amplifier Music Player Sale
Little Dot MKIII+ 6C4 Tube Amplifier Gallstone Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier Sale
Little Dot MKIV MK4  Headphone Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier Sale

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